A place where I express my interest in the
natural world.

To share sighting  and photographs from my
local ventures near and far.
Being a passionate naturalist you
will see lots of photographs of nature, flowers and wildlife
globally, bringing positive awareness from all over
particularly Kenya, Safari, Grenada, Jamaica and Trinidad.

About Ayuverda,

Ancient Ayurveda is a treasure trove of wisdom, but in our busy lives we’re unable to engage in ancient ayurvedic practices. At S.O.U.L I have created products that are able to apply ancient Ayurveda to modern lifestyles.

S.O.U.L will be incorporating all the natural potent ingredients the Ayurvedic way leaving you feeling relaxed with a peace of mind. Using safe chemical free products which are truly soothing, moistening, and lubricating not only for the body, mind and soul but the hair too.

Depending on the herbs used, S.O.U.L herbal oils can be fine-tuned to help support a number of health benefits as said before, including balancing the doshas, supporting sound sleep, nourishing the muscles, and promoting healthy, lustrous hair.

S.O.U.L will also show a lovely account of the joy one can derive from the natural world. As you browse you will see that I share the flora and fauna of different travel experiences near and far particularly Kenya, Safari, Grenada, Jamaica & Trinidad which are all my own pictures including a healthy dose of mammals, birds and everything else in wildlife pictured.

Feeling content and balanced isn’t always simple or straightforward as we try to reconcile all the competing demands we face every day. We all could do with some help, and this starts when we acknowledge that contentment is a skill we can learn. Dosha imbalances will have their specific recommendations, so S.O.U.L would like customers to directly message the administrator via email so a product can be customized for a specific requirement if need be and work out a way forward with a regimen in place for either hair, wellness and general health.

Customization ensures that your hair and skin gets the best care. By analyzing your lifestyle demography, hair type & body type. Once complete it will be established and presented to you for the perfect combination of products that will suite the demands of your hair and skin.