Our Story


Promoting the message of Ayurveda, S.O.U.L is determined to end all hair troubles. In a world full of chemical-filled products, we recognized the need to reignite the age-old collection of Ayurvedic treatments that were embraced by our ancestors.

If you are thinking about how a practice from 5000 years ago can withstand modern problems, S.O.U.L has got it covered. Combining modern and advanced technology with Ayurveda, S.O.U.L has amended any shortcomings of the traditional remedies to offer you the best of both worlds.

S.O.U.L products carry the goodness of rare natural ingredients, developed to treat existing concerns and prevent any future ones.

Ayurvedic science is not merely a traditional Indian form of medicine but a perennial naturopathic system of healthcare that has survived the test of time as well as an onslaught of modern science and methods of treatments. With an earnest interest in tapping into the potential of this world of Ayurveda, S.O.U.L is fixated on being free of parabens, sulphates, LLP, and other harmful chemicals and is strongly against animal testing.

At S.O.U.L, we recognise the need to tackle the source of your hair or skin problems rather than fixing surface-level problems. We also realize that the root cause of hair & skin problems faced by people differ individually. This is why our Ayurvedic administrator is able to find custom products based on your personal lifestyle, demography, hair type, skin type and body type. Simply take the S.O.U.L 3-Factor hair or skin analysis that allows a study to find out the principle cause of your problems and recommend a set of products that have ingredients we think will be best for you.

Ayurveda stands for the wellness of our body, mind and soul. Taking care of oneself is a huge part of finding peace but so is helping others. S.O.U.L collaborates with multiple charity partners like the Great Ormond Street by giving 5% of every purchase of yours to children in need. You get to be a part of helping make the dreams of hundreds of children come true.